Project Description

Mercy River


Mercy River

Mercy River is an inspirational singing trio based in Utah. Busy wives and moms with 15 children between the three of them, they perform all over the United States and didn't have bandwidth to keep up with the updates on their WordPress site and online store.

We moved them from WordPress to a new Squarespace site so they could more easily manage their website and online store, as well as focus on building their email list. They have a good following on Facebook and Instagram, but we're in the process of creating a sales funnel and doing ongoing StoryBrand coaching as they expand the offerings in their store.

Project Details

  • Website Design

  • Squarespace Customization

  • StoryBrand Consulting

  • Copywriting

  • Email Campaign

  • Social Media Strategy & Management

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Website Before Uplight Creative:

Mercy River website before

Website After Uplight Creative:

Mercy River website after
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